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Welcome to Scam Hunting Inu. An Inu breed unlike anything in the space. While the name may come off as a joke, We couldn’t be more serious about security and hunting scammers. A community driven and funded project dedicated to making the crypto space safer every day. We aim to achieve this through a variety of methods. We couldn’t even get close to explaining everything we’re doing right here so please scroll down and see what we’re all about! If you’d rather ask questions. Join our discord by clicking the button above.

What We Do

Hunt Scammer Have Fun!

We are a Tightly Knit Community. We strive for one thing.

Make the crypto space safer.

Scam Hunting Inu Merchandise

Profit used for liquidity acquisition

We’re planning a new merchandise line with a twist! Not only will you receive physical merchandise but an NFT to match it. All profit will benefit our liquidity pools. Just an NFT? Think not! These NFT’s will grant you special access to our DAO-Lobby and other channels TBA!

MerchFT Comin “Sune”!
Community Support

Fortune favors the educated.

Our community consists of the best and brightest in the crypto sector. Along with that our community is incredibly inclusive and empathetic towards the scam victim. We all strive to make the crypto space safer. We support you on this journey into the crypto space by providing you with the information to keep yourself safe. Join our Discord today and get informed.

Development In Progress

Short Term / Long Term Goals

Our development team is growing and stronger than ever! Our goals and vision are being developed on short and a long term basis.


Community Token

We are so happy to bring a unique ecosystem in the crypto space designed to help people! Our Community token has one thing in mind… the community!!

Every holder of our SHINU community token

will be rewarded with 2% of reflections in SHINU straight to their wallet! Additionally, x% of sale transactions with reflect to the Developer/Marketing Wallet. We are a crowdfunded project. No pesky VC’s here!

Why the X%? That’s because the COMMUNITY will help us decide on rates!

DAO bound with a Polygon governance token in development.

We are crowdfunding a lot of great projects to help secure the space and have a lot of fun in the process. This is a long term project with huge aspirations to posture itself as a source of public security in the crypto sector. If you’ve come here to get rich quickly, you’re gonna have a bad time.


A regulatory DEX protecting investors

We are looking to build a decentralized exchange with investors safety in mind.

We plan to have liquidity locks and KYC on token creators before they can list. We want to protect investors from rug-pulls and extreme price volatility.We will work diligently to develop a relationship with law enforcement to provide accountability to the people who rug pull and scam tokens. There are many things in the works for SHINU Dex and we’ll update as we go!

Linear Development

Systematic Completion

Throw those dusty road maps away. They create pressure and problems if things don’t go exactly to plan. So we’ve constructed a new idea called linear development. Because our team is much smaller than the average Crypto Startup with large aspirations we’ve adapted and found an avenue of productivity that will please the investor and make the scammers worry!

We hyper-focus on an individual project to break substantial ground. From there, a team member begins theory and planning for the next project and then we bring the heat forward! This will ensure productivity.


Our project is unique and so are the people. This creates the ultimate platform for creative and innovative conception.


A concept is discussed and agreed upon. The research begins. To streamline the process Rob and Josh work diligently to move and approve motions during research to progress the individual project further.


With concept and research in place, the team breaks away back to concept whilst the programmers move forward and apply theory and logic.


It doesn’t stop there! Got an idea to make the crypto space safer? We’ll give you the opportunity to lead your own project under the Scam Hunting Inu Community!


Scam Hunters. Community Enthusiasts. Educators. Developers.

Our project isn’t some Venture Capital experiment. Nor do we pay influencers for their support. If you believe in this project, you back it. Day in and day out the community dedicates their time to developing our project and making the crypto space safer. Our community offers the best, brightest, and the most kind individuals in the crypto space as a whole. This is guaranteed. Below is a list of what we consider our ‘core’ team members. BUT! Over the last year so many community members have stepped up to develop the project and that’s what it’s all about! Got an idea to make the crypto space safer? Bring it to us! Let’s develop it!

Rob “Scamtoshi” Combs

Founder / Lead Developer / Head of Marketing

Tyson aka Solar

Media Lead / Twitch Stream Manager / Community Leader

Crypto Dreamin’

ScamDB Developer / Social Media / Community Leader

Community Token Listed
On Uniswap!

Be a part of something revolutionary.

We are so pleased to announce the V2 of our Ethereum SINU token. The new token(SHINU) has many features to protect the investor and functions in place to provide sound liquidity floors. We are crowdfunding and in the liquidity building process. Get in early!

Trade for SHINU

We Are CommittedWe Are diligentwe are fearlessWe are communitywe are scam hunting inu

— Join us in this fight and organize the effort —