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Press Release April 2nd, 2022

Writer – ScamboBob

SHINU steps up to tackle the problems with scams in the crypto space.

Scam Hunting Inu is a comunity driven anti-scam project.
Scams are a huge issue and a majior deterance to ppl getting involved in the space, let alone doing reasearch into it. With all the new concepts and the ability for peoplel to do just about anything they want to with these contracts that potential investors dont understand, it makes for a very volitile ecosystem.
Our aim here is to be a front runner to try to mittigate these instances and to create a safer environment
for not ouly our investors but the entire community as a whole.
Through edgucation, data collection, distrobution of that data, and asset recovery where possible,
we think this is a great first few steps to helping the entire community as a whole.

We are currently offering a Pre-Sale on our website for our project at a discounted rate before we launch at a much lower supply (1 Billion).
Simultainiously we are also running a discord invite contest that offers the opportunity to: no only get a white listed wallet position ( sales tax exempt)
but also add 1,000 SHINU for every confirmed invite to the discord. Top prize gets a white list position and
the additional 1,000 SHINU (per invite), but also a 50,000 SHINU grand prize. Invites are tracked automatically through our discord bot.
Our website is and our Discord is .

The tokenomics for SHINU offers reflections directly back to investors wallets. We think everyone of our investors deserve
this for all the support they give us. Additionally we will implement both a buy and sales tax.
We are a crowdfunded project only. We will have a max of supply wallet cap as well. This is to help insure that no one person
can control the the price of SHINU. We want ppl to feel safe when investing thier hard earned money into our project. Investor safety
and piece of mind is a paramount concern for us.

We are also developing a decentralized exchange (swap) with investors safety in mind.
We are looking at having liquidity locks and KYC (know your customer) on token creators before they can list on our swap.
We want to protect every investor from Rug-Pulls and extreme price volotility. There are many other features in the works for
our SHINU Dex as well.

In addition to all of this we will also be developing a DAO gearded towards finacial assistance for scam victims in the crypto community.
This system will be funded in many ways to help those affected by these scams to facilitate a fresh start
back into the community after facing this kind of horror and stress. With many other projects in development
we will have many avenues of funding for the DAO, our ecosystem, and the comunnity as a whole.

The scams ppl are dealing with now are draining so many ppl of not only thier savings and whatever small ammounts they have
extra to set aside into the community, but also thier drive to step outside the traditional system that has pinned them to the floor.
These scams remove not only a hope that we think everyone had in the begining of thier journey into this community but also
facilitate a state of fear that keeps ppl from being able to each other and new projects as well.

We aim to do our best to bring at least some of that trust back. Our approch
has many faces and our community is constantly innovating those ideas. Our current aims are primarily focused on data collection
(tracking and tracing what and where they move people’s stolen assets). We are also creating the ground work with this idea to be able to
disseminate this information to local and fedreral law enforcement. We want this Scam Database or (Scam DB) to be available to every investor
and to every scam victim that contracts with us to potentially facilitate asset recovery.
Scams have pulled $14 Billion dollars from innocent investors so far in 2021 alone accourding to
This is above and beyond acceptable.

As we said before we are a community driven anti-scam project. Our wonderful community is what drives our innovation and success.
We have had so many ppl step up from the community to start projects all on thier own to benifiet the community and our project.
We would be nowhere if it wasnt for these people and we are so thankfull to each and every member of our community every day.

Places you can find us:
Twitter: @ScamHuntingInu
Reddit: r/ScamInu
Facebook: @Sc4mInuToken

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